She loves Cajun Jerquee! Jerquee

We offer two lines of Jerquee snacks: Stonewall's Jerquee and Cajun Jerquee. The primary difference is that Stonewall's Jerquee is juicier, more flavorful and microwaveable, whereas Cajun Jerquee offers a drier chew. Both jerky snacks leave you feeling "full" and "warm" inside.

Stonewall's Jerquee comes in nine flavors:
Original Mild
BBQ "Beef"
Teriyaki "Beef"
Tandoori "Chicken"
Original Wild
Spicy "Chicken"
Peppy "Pepperoni"
Hot "Pastrami"
Cajun "Bacon"
All flavors of Stonewall's Jerquee are available in our smaller "snack pak" size of 1.5 oz., as well as 8 oz and 5 lb bulk packs. Also, remember that all Cajun Jerquee and Stonewall's Jerquee products are available in fines!

Cajun Jerquee comes in four flavors: Beef, Italian, Smoked Ham and Pepperoni. All flavors are available in 8oz and 5lb bulk packs.

Try any of our Tasty Vegetarian Snacks (All Except BBQ "Beef" are Vegan®). Any way you go, we're sure you will love 'em. They're not only meatless they're good for you, too!